Hillary Won’t Say If She’s Ever Lied To American People

Well, on the bright side, at least she won’t lie about lying. She will dissemble and obfuscate, though

(Daily Caller) During a Thursday interview with CBS’s Scott Pelley, Clinton said, “I don’t believe I ever have” lied to voters.

Pelley began by asking Clinton, “You know in ’76, Jimmy Carter famously said, ‘I will not lie to you.’”

“Well, I will tell you, I have tried in every way I know how, literally from my years as a young lawyer, all the way through my time as secretary of state to level with the American people,” Clinton claimed.

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Pelley replied, “You talk about leveling with the American people. Have you always told the truth?”

“I’ve have always tried to, always, always,” Clinton suggested.

After being asked a third time by Pelley, she went with “You know, you’re asking me to say, ‘Have I ever?’ I don’t believe I ever have… I don’t believe I ever will. I’m going to do the best I can to level with the American people.” The woman is incapable of giving a straight answer, but, hey, she tried to tell the truth. Except for things like

  • Saying Chelsea was jogging around the WTC on 9/11
  • Landing under sniper fire in Bosnia
  • Being dead broke after leaving White House
  • Being part of the Northern Ireland peace process
  • Benghazi

Politifact has a nice long list of Hillary false statements. Her conflicts of interest between her job as Secretary of State and hooking up her Clinton Foundation and her inability to admit it is a lie on her part.

She’s lied about her insecure, home-brew server, which has exposed many of America’s biggest secrets and put people in danger.

Hillary backed Bill’s lies about his sexual assaults on numerous women, and lied about them directly herself.

Her lies go on and on and on. It’s no wonder that only 67% find her trustworthy.

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