Hillary’s BAD Week Isn’t Over Yet – Feds Just Delivered MORE Damning News Regarding THIS Man…

Hillary Clinton has been successful thus far in avoiding prosecution, but this bit of news from the feds is likely to shut her down – hopefully, for good.


From TPNN:

Already, the man who set up her private email server has gotten an immunity deal for cooperating with investigators. And a scathing Inspector General’s report has just become public, bluntly accusing her of violating her own State Department’s policies by conducting public business on her private system managed on a home-brew server.

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Now, a new twist in the email investigation could blow the whole story wide open.

The computer hacker from Romania who goes by the alias “Guccifer” — the one who recently bragged to Fox News about how easily he broke into the secretary of state’s email server — pleaded guilty to computer hacking charges on Wednesday in a deal that traded a light prison sentence for the promise to cooperate with Justice Department investigators, Fox News reported.

Marcel Lehel Lazar, 42, is facing seven years in prison after formally pleading guilty to unauthorized access of a protected computer and aggravated identity theft, according to Fox News.

But those are the legal terms. For the average American, the more important part of the deal comes with Guccifer’s agreement to be “reasonably available for debriefing and pre-trial conferences as the U.S. may require.”

Since he’s going to be sitting in a federal cell until Super Bowl LVII, Lazar was going to be “reasonably available” anyway. Clearly, the agreement that spared him the more than 20 years he had been facing entailed more than not ducking meetings with prosecutors by pretending he was busy in the prison laundry.

Lazar is going to be talking, and he likely has a lot to say. While prosecutors declined to comment for the record, and the plea deal itself makes no mention of Clinton, Guccifer’s real claim to infamy is his hacking of emails between Clinton consigliere Sidney Blumenthal and the former secretary of state.

In an interview with Fox News in early May, Lazar made breaking into Clinton’s email sound as easy as walking into a Greyhound station. He made it sound about as crowded, too, with evidence that users from all over the world — most likely foreign intelligence services — had been accessing America’s most sensitive secrets. It was a story the Clintons never wanted America to hear.

Lazar’s claims haven’t been proven so far — at least not publicly — but investigators clearly have a good reason for agreeing to a plea deal that gives him less than half the prison time he could have received — possibly something that could be corroborated with the cooperation of the man who set up the Clinton server in the first place and managed it for the woman who now wants to be commander-in-chief.

That man, Bryan Pagliano, is already on board.

These rapid-fire developments that portend more trouble for Clinton — if not legal, certainly image trouble for a candidate whose trustworthiness numbers are already just about as low as they could go — follow hot on the heels of potentially related problems for a close Clinton friend and fundraiser. As TPNN reported only a few days ago, Virginia governor and former head of the Democratic National Committee Terry McAuliffe is said to be under investigation by the feds for potential violation of campaign finance laws.

Looks like this just isn’t going to go away or fade to black as I am sure Madam Secretary would prefer. Hillary just doesn’t get that you can’t sweep everything under the rug and her reactions to actual consequences should be nothing short of hilarious. Good luck, Mrs. Clinton. You’ll need it.

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