Joe Biden Turns On Hillary – Exposes Disturbing Secret She’s Been Hiding

Joe Biden Turns On Hillary – Exposes Disturbing Secret She’s Been Hiding

The forgettable former Vice President is joining fellow Democrats in releasing tell-all books and he’s looking to clear his own record after being gossiped about by Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazile.

In his upcoming memoir, Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose, Biden will talk about many personal issues, but also has some new background to color in the Hillary legacy.

Before Hillary became the nominee, Biden alleges that Barack Obama was “almost certain” Hillary would take the Democratic primary, while Biden and his family were certain that he was the only guy who could’ve won the 2016 election. Before the death of his son, Beau, who had previously encouraged his father to run for the Oval Office, Biden said that he was getting his ducks in a row in order to take a run at the seat. That was in 2015, when Hillary was also working her black magic to steal the nomination from anyone who might get in her way.

When Hillary caught wind that Joe Biden might be taking a shot, he said that Hillary used the media to let Biden know that Hillary’s backers “would not stop at voting records and policies” if he chose to run in the race. Personal scandals were rocking his family. After the death of his son Beau, his other son, Hunter Biden broke up with his wife in a split that included allegations of hookers and drugs. Nowadays, Hunter is dating Beau’s widow.

Joe Biden and his family at the funeral for his son, Beau, who was a lawyer and an officer with the National Guard.

While Joe Biden rated higher on human characteristics like empathy than Hillary and while he rated higher in the swing states that Hillary lost, Biden said he was fearful of the opposition research that would “stop at nothing.” With Trump’s election, it seems obvious that a lot of the opposition research, like the “Grab em by the p***y” tape were designed more to tear his family apart than to turn voters away.

As for Obama’s belief in Biden, it must have been a personal blow to know that Barack thought that Hillary would be able to win an election where Biden couldn’t. But, as we know now, Obama was part and parcel of the shriveling of the Democratic Party that was intended to force the Dems into life support at the mercy of the Clintons. Biden reports that Obama’s worry was that if Biden would run, it would “split the Democratic Party.” Well, Barack, pretty sure Hillary did that anyway.

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