Judge Just Opened A Can Of WHOOP On Hillary Clinton, Calls Her INCOMPETENT – Do You Agree? [VIDEO]

Judge Just Opened A Can Of WHOOP On Hillary Clinton, Calls Her INCOMPETENT – Do You Agree? [VIDEO]

It’s hard for me to conceive that anyone could be this incompetent. Especially a barracuda like Hillary Clinton, who is a vicious lawyer and an even more vicious politician. But if this is correct, the woman is an utter moron. Judge Andrew Napolitano is saying that Hillary used a non-government issued Blackberry as secretary of state – she used a personal one that would not work on the 7th floor where her office was. In other words, her worldwide contacts and those that would inform her of an emergency like say, Benghazi, had no way of reaching her. To use her Blackberry, she had to take a security detail to… the sixth floor. Holy moonbats!


From The Daily Caller:

Judge Andrew Napolitano says that Hillary Clinton was “incompetent” as secretary of state because the BlackBerry she used to send and receive emails didn’t work in her office.

Clinton’s chief of staff while secretary of state, Cheryl Mills, revealed in a deposition that Clinton “exclusively” used a BlackBerry, not a laptop, desktop or a tablet to communicate electronically.

Appearing on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” on Thursday, Napolitano explained that the device was “her BlackBerry, not a government-issued BlackBerry.”

“Because it was not government-issued, it was blocked on the seventh floor of the State Department, where her office is. What does that mean? That means that when she was in her office, she did not have the means to communicate electronically to her people all around the world for the entire time she was there,” he said. “How did she do it? Take a security team, go from the seventh floor to the sixth floor where her BlackBerry worked.”

Another way Clinton would communicate would be to have an aide “read the document” to her, Napolitano said. Now that’s simply lame and stupid. “So when people are saying she was incompetent as a secretary of state, they are absolutely correct and right on the mark because of this alone. She has ambassadors all around the world trying to communicate with her, and she’s cut herself off.” Napolitano later said that “100 percent of her emails were taken away from the government server and run through the private.” Then Clinton would cover all of this up because she feared anyone else finding out about it. Napolitano later said that it is “crystal clear that the motivation for all of this was her incredible desire to avoid the Freedom of Information Act, to keep from the president, the rest of the State Department and the public what she was doing as secretary of state, which is a violation of the law.” Corrupt and an idiot… it’s a twofer. How in the heck did she ever get this far?

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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