Kaine cancels! Barely anyone attends his rally, cancels the next one!

Kaine cancels! Barely anyone attends his rally, cancels the next one!

I almost feel sorry for Tim Kaine… no wait, I don’t. Not at all. He’s a stone cold Marxist. So few people are showing up for Clinton and Kaine rallies, they are busing people in to pretend to be supporters. They are also populating the gatherings (you can’t really call them rallies) with staffers and campaign stooges. Tim Kaine cancelled his Sarasota, Florida appearance for no explainable reason last Friday… except of course no one was coming. And then there is the whole FBI reopening Hillary’s EmailGate thingie. Tres embarrassing.

Kaine left what few supporters they have guessing as to why the sudden cancellation. Meanwhile, Donald Trump had 20,000 show up in Tampa. Hmmm… let me see… who is more popular here? Duh! When Kaine held a gathering in West Palm Beach earlier in the week, almost no one showed then either. There were approximately 30 people there and that included staffers and reporters.


From the Conservative Tribune:

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And as reported by WFLA, he provided no reason for the cancellation, apparently preferring instead to leave his supporters wondering what had happened.

Judging by the pitiful performance of his prior rallies, however, the reason seemed obvious — he already knew that barely anybody would show up, just like barely anybody had shown up for an event he held in West Palm Beach at the start of the week.

In fact, only an estimated 30 people attended that event, and a large number of those folks were reporters and Democrat operatives.

The event was an embarrassing hot mess, much like the campaign of both Kaine and his running mate, Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

As conservative commentator Kevin Jackson noted on his blog, The Black Sphere, “(N)obody wants to see Tim Kaine or Hillary Clinton, or any other Leftist stooge they could have booked.”

It’s not just that Clinton and Kaine have all the appeal of month-old meatloaf… they are also boring as hell. No one wants their Marxist drivel anymore and Clinton is so scandal ridden, her middle name should be corruption. They need to slink off to a hole somewhere and just shut it.

Trump is pulling crowds bigger than rock stars do. And they are certainly enthusiastic. People have to be turned away by the thousands. There is a huge disconnect between the polls and the people themselves. Election day should be very interesting.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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