Lawyer: FBI Deliberately Attempting To Cover Their “Rear End” By Not Releasing Clinton Emails [VIDEO]

Lawyer: FBI Deliberately Attempting To Cover Their “Rear End” By Not Releasing Clinton Emails [VIDEO]

A lawyer chasing the FBI for information on Hillary Clinton appeared on Tucker Carlson to explain the lie he’s being fed that blocks him from obtaining the information he needs. Ty Clevenger is a lawyer looking for the files the FBI refuses to release that would show that they are preventing any investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

While speaking to Tucker, Clevenger explained how he’s filed FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests that have been denied and he wonders out loud whether President Barack Obama is still running the show at the FBI.

“…I filed FOIAs to get evidence in support of the grievances, and then I got this letter from the FBI that it’s not a matter of public interest.”

Tucker asked for clarification, whether this meant that “not a matter of public interest” meant that it’s not good for the public to have access to the information, or whether it’s that the public doesn’t care. Clevenger explained that in this case, the FBI are saying that the public doesn’t care.

“In this particular circumstance, there are three reasons not to release it. They can say that the subject, which would be Mrs. Clinton, is either dead, which she’s not, or she’s consented to release which she hasn’t, or that this is a matter of public interest. And the FBI despite the fact that I sent them newspaper articles said it was not a matter of public interest. Having said that, though, I think they are changing course. I got an email this afternoon from the Justice Department, I appealed the denial to DOJ and now DOJ has granted my request to expedite its response and the reason that’s significant is because my grounds for requesting an expedited response was this was a matter of public interest. So, DOJ has already conceded that this is a matter of public interest.”

Laughing out loud, Tucker said, “Well yeah! I mean, you’re talking about it on television!”

Clevenger explained that he’s not asking for anything out of the ordinary, only the same files that Congress has already asked for. He went on to allege that the Former FBI Director, James Comey, has already decided he would exonerate Hillary and that the FBI is still trying to cover its rear end, which includes blocking those files from being released.

Over 30,000 pieces of evidence remain to be seen by the public.

We’ve been following the FBI’s excuse that preventing release of the files is due to a “lack of public interest,” and I we won’t stop until every last file is available.

You can watch the four-minute video of Ty Clevenger on Tucker Carlson here:

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