LIGHTS! CAMERA! Hollywood Liberals Now Pushing THIS Hillary Story…

Hillary Clinton’s political career may be effectively over, but she’ll always have Hollywood. Celebrities lined up behind her during the presidential election and they’re ready to carry water for her still, even though she lost. A new television miniseries is now in development, featuring Hillary Clinton’s “tragic” loss in November.

Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes’ book, “Shattered,” is a New York Times bestseller that examines why Hillary lost the presidential election to Donald Trump. Sony Pictures Television’s TriStar has now optioned the book and wants to turn it into a limited series. TriStar is reportedly currently shopping for a network, with premium cable networks like HBO, Showtime and Starz being their first preference.

“Shattered” will be produced by John Davis and John Fox’s Davis Entertainment, the outfit behind shows like “The Blacklist.”

Just two months ago, HBO announced they would be producing their own feature on the election, but on Mark Halperin and John Heilemann’s book about Trump’s upset of Hillary Clinton. Like “Shattered,” it is believed that HBO will turn the story of Trump’s win into a miniseries.

Clinton staffers have not been fond of the depiction of the campaign in “Shattered,” disputing many of the allegations of dysfunction and disloyalty towards Hillary.

The book claimed that constant infighting plagued the campaign and that Hillary was out-of-touch with and frustrated by voters. Still, the proposed miniseries allegedly will be kinder to Hillary than the book was.

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The actions of the producers behind “Shattered” seem to indicate that they are more concerned with protecting Hillary than depicting the truth. Making changes to the book may not go over well with its readers, who put it on the New York Times’ bestseller list.

Do you plan to watch the miniseries?

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