Man Comes Forward, Claims to be BILL CLINTON’S BLACK SON [PHOTOS]

Man Comes Forward, Claims to be BILL CLINTON’S BLACK SON [PHOTOS]

Everyone knows that Bill Clinton is a sleazy horndog that cheated on Hillary constantly. So the idea of Bill Clinton having tons of little Clintons running around is not that hard to believe. But up until now, no one has come forward claiming to be an illegitimate child of his. All of that changed when someone named Danny Williams came onto the scene. And Williams is claiming to be an adulterous love child of Bill Clinton’s.


The alleged story is that Clinton had sex with a prostitute named Bobbie Ann Williams. Buddy Young, a former Arkansas State Trooper, said that he drove Clinton and Williams to the home of Williams’ mother for a weekend while she was out of town, for which both Young and Williams were paid $450. Supposedly, Danny is the product of that affair. Williams and her family say they have passed multiple lie detector tests regarding Danny’s parentage.

Some say you can tell that Danny is Clinton’s son. Here are some photos; what do you think?

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So is this Bill Clinton’s secret love child? The pictures aren’t completely clear, but Star Magazine is allegedly working with Danny Williams to get DNA results to find out for sure. Danny’s aunt, Lucille Bolton, says that there’s no doubt in her mind, though. Bobbie Ann Williams has an extensive criminal record, however, which could cast doubt on her credibility. And the DNA that Star Magazine is comparing Danny Williams’ DNA to could be worthless — it is from the Kenneth Starr investigation, and the sample left by Clinton is believed to be tainted. But still, Clinton has been known to date black women.

Will this be a scandal big enough to rock the Clinton campaign, though? The presence of another Clinton child out there is really not that shocking. It’s hard to believe that many Americans would even care.

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