MEMORY MELTDOWN! Hillary Humiliates Herself On NC Rally Stage, It’s Bad! VIDEO

MEMORY MELTDOWN! Hillary Humiliates Herself On NC Rally Stage, It’s Bad! VIDEO

Oh, good grief! Hillary Clinton can’t even keep straight where she is speaking… she was in Winterville, NC and kept referring to it as Greenville. Then she said that her audience needed to get out and vote for Ray Cooper. Except his name is Roy Cooper. How ill-prepared can you get? She’ll blame it on exhaustion… I blame it on sloppiness and just not caring. If she can’t remember where she’s campaigning or who she’s endorsing, one might wonder about those nuclear codes that the president is responsible for.

Twitter proceeded to eviscerate the Hildabeast over her multiple gaffes. They don’t just despise Hillary anymore… they are laughing at her. Not a good place to be if you are running for the most powerful position in the land. Between memory issues, health issues and corruption, this woman has no business running for president. None.


From BizPac Review:

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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton isn’t likely to hold on to the narrow lead she enjoys in North Carolina much longer if she doesn’t know what local politician she’s supposed to be promoting.

And it also doesn’t help when she keeps calling Winterville, home of Pitt Community College where she spoke Thursday, Greenville.

All of which left her sounding bewitched, bothered and bewildered — but what else is new?

During her campaign stop in Winterville, Clinton asked her supporters if they were “ready to elect Ray Cooper your governor.”

There’s only one problem. No one by the name of “Ray” cooper is running. North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper is, however.

Faux pas like this are how you lose a race. Clinton is pretty much tied with Trump, but who do you think people will gravitate to? Someone who can’t seem to remember where she is or someone who is vigorous and promising jobs? I’d think that was a no brainer, but who knows anymore.

No one dared correct Clinton on her mistakes. That’s pretty much how her presidency would go as well. The only ones who would truly hold her accountable are our enemies who would take full advantage of such an inept leader. This woman is a war waiting to happen.

Her audience was offended and confused by Clinton’s mistakes and missteps. She seemed oblivious to her screw-ups as well. Clueless and doddering – those are not resume enhancements or reasons to vote for someone. They are however reasons to turn to the other candidate in the race. Clinton won more votes for Trump than herself here.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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