Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been facing many allegations of corruption and incompetence, mostly relating to her e-mails. But corruption and the Clintons go hand-in-hand, and now it’s the Clinton Foundation that is under fire. Hillary used her position as Secretary of State to her advantage and the foundation was the cover:

Clinton has been harangued over pay-for-play corruption non-stop over the last couple of weeks. She sold favors and powerful positions while she was Secretary of State. Even if The Clinton Foundation goes away, that doesn’t erase all the dirty dealings that have gone on and will nip at her heels as she runs for the presidency.

Between the Clinton Foundation revelations and the e-mail scandal, Hillary has to be sweating. But it’s only going to get worse — it turns out, Bill Clinton has been implicated, too. There’s no shortage of corruption with this couple.


It turns out, Bill used an old government program to subsidize the Clinton Foundation… and also, to support Hillary’s private e-mail server. He used taxpayer money to buy IT equipment and servers, as well as for the pay and benefit of foundation aides. And, surprise! Those same aides are involved in the e-mail scandal, as well as the pay-for-play allegations.

So not only were the Clintons engaging in corrupt activity, they were using taxpayer money to do it. This information was revealed based on records released by the General Services Administration through the Freedom of Information Act. And while it may not be explicitly illegal, it’s certainly suspicious.

The more we find out about the Clintons, the more blatant their greed becomes. The Clintons used their positions as president and secretary of state as a means to line their own pockets, and they did everything they could to keep money flowing between the Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s position in the State Department, and Bill’s business dealings.

Here’s the truly disappointing part: we all know that nothing is going to happen here. No investigation will take place. Authorities might make some noise, but ultimately, they won’t take any action. The Clintons are both Democrats. A Democrat is in the White House. And he’s staffed his cabinet with Democrats. The Obama administration is poised to pass the torch to the Clintons, and as such, there’s no way they’re about to burn down this golden opportunity that they have before them. The Clintons could be revealed to have literally killed someone and let’s be real: the Obama administration would look the other way.


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