New Poll Confirms Hillary’s Worst Fear – November May Not Even Be CLOSE

New Poll Confirms Hillary’s Worst Fear – November May Not Even Be CLOSE

Could it be possible that Trump might still win? Most polls make it clear that Hillary Clinton will walk away with well over 300 electoral votes, sailing to an easy victory. But could one new poll be giving a glimmer of hope to Trump?


A Bloomberg poll has just been released that shows Trump with a two-point lead over Hillary in Florida. He is currently at 45%, while Hillary is at 43%. The poll also showed Trump gaining an edge with Independent voters as well.

This is good news in that, for once, it isn’t news of Trump losing. But this is hardly news that will strike fear into Hillary’s heart. Sure, he’s got a slight lead in Florida. But he’s also turned multiple hardcore Republican states — states that Democrats have never bothered to even try winning — into competitive, toss-up states. Texas is one of the most conservative states in the country, but right now, it’s in play. Yet Trump has not turned a single blue state purple, much less into a red state.

It’s time for Republicans to be honest about what is about to happen. Trump is going to lose the election. That is a fact. Republicans need to put all their efforts into saving down ballot Republicans, on keeping Congress in the GOP’s hands, because that’s the only thing that can prevent Hillary from instituting her liberal agenda once she’s in the Oval Office.

President Hillary Clinton is an infuriating notion for any conservative. But it’s foolish to cling to false hope.

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