No Wonder The DNC is Helping Hillary: She’s FUNDING THE DNC

No Wonder The DNC is Helping Hillary: She’s FUNDING THE DNC

In a sneaky political “help me, help you, help myself” plot to gain the DNC, Hillary Clinton’s camp transfers money to the DNC, essentially becoming the DNC and helping herself. An email exchange shown below is evidence of the bank transfer, although the monetary amount and number of transfers is unknown. One is enough for you, right?


From: Brynne Craig <******>
Date: November [], 2015 at **** PM CST
(To: []
Cc: Richard McDaniel <*********>, Charles Olivier <********>
Subject: Next Week
{} –
I hope this email finds you well. Happy early Thanksgiving! I wanted to check in since December is quickly approaching. We are planning to do another transfer to the DNC on December 1st. We will follow up to let you know the amount that is transferred.
Please let us know if you have any questions.
Hillary Clinton wants to buy her way into the Presidential election of 2016. It’s sad that our President can be chosen by who has the most money, which gives them power to campaign and raise awareness (or cover-up scandals). I’ve always wondered how many logically thinking, America loving citizens could serve this country well as President if they only had a few more million in their bank account.

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