‘This Is Not Who We Are’: Hillary Clinton Is Back, And She Has Joined Anti-Trump Protesters

‘This Is Not Who We Are’: Hillary Clinton Is Back, And She Has Joined Anti-Trump Protesters

Former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton tweeted her support Saturday for people protesting President Donald Trump’s Friday visa freeze.

Uh. Where in the hell in the Constitution does it say that the President can’t put an immigration freeze in play? Also, why would anyone care what a corrupt presidential candidate loser has to offer? You lost, Hillary. Stop darkening America’s doorway and go away.

More professional protesters gathered at airports around the country Saturday because of Trump’s executive order that barred immigration from seven countries that are considered high-risk areas – it’s not our fault that they all happen to be in the Middle East. The order also halts refugee admittance for 120 days, while Syrian refugee admittance is closed indefinitely. Refugees that flew into the U.S. were detained when the order came in Friday.

A New York judge granted a stay for any immigrants that became stuck in U.S. airports due to the order.


Six of the seven countries that are effected by the freeze have discriminatory visa policies against the state of Israel. Iran, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Sudan all refuse entry to anyone that has even the remotest ties to Israel. All Israelis aren’t even allowed to travel through Iraq, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Syria or Sudan…so what is the crying about?

As I feared, 2017 is going to be full of the ‘professional’ protester. The one that cries out in pain before the needle even touches the arm. What has Trump done in his few days in office that has you all so fired up? Ask yourself one question – has he done anything that has had an immediate negative effect on your life, either physically or monetarily? No.

I won’t ask if it’s affected you emotionally because, well…you are all emotionally unstable snowflakes.

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