NRA Unleashes Chilling Ad: ‘Don’t Let Hillary Leave You Defenseless” [VIDEO]

NRA Unleashes Chilling Ad: ‘Don’t Let Hillary Leave You Defenseless” [VIDEO]


Hillary Clinton wants to take your guns. That has been made clear as she has never shied away from shilling for gun control. But the National Rifle Association isn’t going to let her get away with it without a fight. They’ve already released a good number of brutal ads targeting Hillary, but the newest one points out how, if Hillary is elected, she will do everything she can to leave you defenseless.

Hillary, and her liberal anti-gun followers, will of course try to claim that all they want is “common sense” gun reform. But what Hillary wants isn’t just some kind of mild gun reform, like requiring a background check before someone can purchase a gun. She wants things like a 25% tax on guns and refuses to say that she believes that the Second Amendment is constitutional. She even praised the Australian gun buyback program, where Australian citizens had their guns confiscated by the government.

Of course, Hillary doesn’t hate all guns. She just doesn’t want Americans to be armed. She has armed security guards protecting her every single day, so she doesn’t have to worry about potentially defending herself in a life-or-death situation. She also doesn’t care if you ever need to defend yourself. She’s safe and that’s all that matters. She wants to force you to rely on the government for protection.

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That’s why the NRA’s new ad works. People don’t want to be defenseless. Police officers are fantastic and they risk their lives every day to protect Americans… but they can’t be everywhere at once. If someone is in danger, it will take police a few minutes to get there. And without guns, there is literally nothing they can do to defend themselves. Hillary’s plan actually does leave Americans defenseless.

Worst of all, gun control doesn’t work. Look at Chicago, with their super strict gun control laws. They still have some of the highest gun violence numbers in the country. Australia still has problems with gun violence, particularly with gangs and drug dealers, despite forcibly confiscating people’s guns. Gun control doesn’t work. And that’s why liberals like Hillary have to lie and use fear to force their agenda into action. The only question is, will Americans fall for it?

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