One State Overwhelmingly Handed Hillary Clinton The Popular Vote

One State Overwhelmingly Handed Hillary Clinton The Popular Vote

I still contend that on the popular vote, if you remove voter fraud, which we know was rampant, from the mix and you count absentee ballots, I highly doubt that Donald Trump lost the popular vote. But say that he did and say that it was by 2.8 million votes… Trump still won the electoral vote. I’m sorry, but those are the rules. Plus you need to look exactly at what that so-called ‘popular vote’ is comprised of. One state delivered the popular vote to Clinton… just one… California. I think that is very suspect don’t you? Clinton got 4.3 million more votes than Trump in that state. In fact, it’s the only state where Clinton did better than Obama. I’m not buying it… it is way too convenient and damn near impossible. But that’s just my opinion.

Our elections are not decided by the popular vote and for good reason. The Founding Fathers were very wise when they set up the Electoral College. If we only went by the popular vote, then only the largest cities where Progressives tend to nest, would have a say in our government. We would be ruled by New York and Los Angeles and the country inbetween would have no say whatsoever. The Electoral College allows the common man in America to have a say in who leads our country and it keeps us from devolving into a de facto dictatorship.


From Investors Business Daily:

Democrats who are having trouble getting out of the first stage of grief — denial — aren’t being helped by the fact that, now that all the votes are counted, Hillary Clinton’s lead in the popular vote has topped 2.8 million, giving her a 48% share of the vote compared with Trumps 46%.

To those unschooled in how the United States selects presidents, this seems totally unfair. But look more closely at the numbers and you see that Clinton’s advantage all but disappears.

As we noted in this space earlier, while Clinton’s overall margin looks large and impressive, it is due to Clinton’s huge margin of victory in one state — California — where she got a whopping 4.3 million more votes than Trump.

California is the only state, in fact, where Clinton’s margin of victory was bigger than President Obama’s in 2012 — 61.5% vs. Obama’s 60%.

But California is the exception that proves the true genius of the Electoral College — which was designed to prevent regional candidates from dominating national elections.

Hillary received 61.5% of the vote in California. You know what they have a ton of in California? Illegal immigrants and Islamic refugees. Not to mention Hollywood, the gay set and every other radical communist offshoot you can think of. California is now a one-party state – not kidding. There were zero Republicans running for statewide offices and no GOP candidates in nine of California’s congressional districts. At the state level, Investor’s Business Daily reports, six districts had no Republicans for the state senate and 16 districts had no Republicans for the state assembly. The state is ruled now by Marxists. No wonder they are in such deep doo doo.

If you take California out of the mix, Trump would have won the popular vote by 1.4 million votes. And if California had voted like every other Democratic state in the US, Hillary would have still won with 53.5% of the vote and the state would have been a virtual tie between Clinton and Trump. Clinton is definitely a regional candidate. Trump won 30 states… she won 20. Trump got 306 electoral votes and Clinton received 232. Clinton’s win of the popular vote was simply a regional anomaly and I would bet there was massive voter fraud involved.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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