OUTRAGE! Judge Rules to Keep Hillary’s Secret Emails Hidden From Voters Until AFTER Election Day! [VIDEO]

OUTRAGE! Judge Rules to Keep Hillary’s Secret Emails Hidden From Voters Until AFTER Election Day! [VIDEO]

Voters want to know what happened with Hillary Clinton and her e-mails. And the issue won’t go away… partly because officials keep doing all they can to cover for Hillary and make sure she avoids prosecution. They’re dragging it out and trying to block people from seeing her e-mails. They want to make sure that people vote before they can see them… and thanks to one judge, that effort is now a success.


A federal judge just ruled that her e-mails won’t be released to the public until after election day. The FBI recovered a number of e-mails during their investigation into her server scandal, but the majority of them will remain secret for the time being. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton is pointing the finger squarely at the Obama administration, blaming them for the delay in releasing the content of the e-mails. “This is an absolutely corrupt process the State Department has come up with,” he said.

So, what is in these e-mails that is making so many people in the Obama administration work so hard to keep them hidden? She must have some pretty scandalous and controversial stuff in there that could ruin her chances of winning. And Obama has already declared Hillary as his successor, so he is clearly not going to let her campaign go down in flames.


Hillary Clinton is one of the most corrupt politicians in existence. Most people know that already. But what is so worrying here is that she is evidently able to control both the FBI and the Department of Justice to keep herself out of jail, along with God knows how many federal judges. At this point, why even bother pretending that she’s held to the same laws as the rest of us puny citizens?

And as if this all wasn’t bad enough, there are people who want to vote for her… so that she can become president and have even more power and influence than she already does. How crooked and criminal does Hillary need to be before these people wake up and realize what a catastrophe she is?

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