Poll: People Aren’t Buying Hillary’s Pneumonia Excuse

Hillary supporters haven’t been, for the most part, particularly concerned with Hillary Clinton’s health. They think it’s a big nothingburger, and, why can’t we talk about X (this is stage 6 of the 8 stages of Liberal discourse when they know they are busted)? Polling shows something different

(Daily Caller) Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia diagnosis, and her campaign’s subsequent handling, is hurting her already waning polls numbers.

According to the latest poll, conducted by YouGov in partnership with the Times of London, only 45 percent of American voters believe the Clinton campaign’s explanation for why she suffered a “medical episode” at Sunday’s 9/11 memorial service in New York.

Furthermore, 46 percent of voters don’t think Clinton has pneumonia at all and is suffering from a different, undisclosed illness, while nine percent said they didn’t know what to believe.

People not believing what Team Hillary has trotted out? Color me shocked!

The poll also found that, while 38 percent of surveyed voters thought Republican nominee Donald Trump was healthy enough for office, only nine percent thought the same of Clinton.

Think on that one. Only 9 percent think she’s healthy enough for office. Sadly, the Times of London poll is behind a firewall, so, we cannot get a breakdown of the metrics. But, even going loony Slate let us know a few days ago that health matters to voters

A recent Rasmussen poll conducted last week before Clinton’s early exit from the 9/11 memorial service, for example, found that 86 percent of likely voters said that a candidate’s health was important to their vote, compared with only 12 percent who said that it was not. Those figures were generally consistent across party lines, too: 89 percent of self-identified Republicans, 85 percent of Democrats, and 85 percent of independents described a candidate’s health as important. Pollsters who have asked a similar question in recent elections found similar results.

Of course, the poll also showed that Democrats didn’t care about Hillary’s health. How will her collapse affect Democrats? They probably won’t vote Trump, but, they might vote 3rd party or just not vote for president.

Will her health matter? We have a bit under two months to find out. If she doesn’t get out on the trail and appear healthy, if she looks sickly and/or low energy during the debates, if she’s caught on video having another collapse or coughing fit, well, all bets are off. Let’s end with a quote from Jimmy Kimmel

“Hillary Clinton was supposed to be in California today… but she had to cancel the trip because of illness,” Kimmel said. “You probably know Hillary was coughing a lot in public last week and then yesterday she was forced to leave a 9/11 memorial because she was feeling faint. Turns out on Friday Clinton’s doctor had diagnosed her with pneumonia but they kept it secret until this happened and they were forced to admit it. You know, these conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’s health would be a lot harder to believe if they didn’t actually come true.”

Yeah, there’s a bit more to it, in which he’s trying to protect Hillary. Stage 5.

Hillary will be returning to the campaign trail Thursday. Which means more private fundraisers are the homes of rich people Liberals hate, and small, intimate speeches for tiny Clinton crowds. They’ll probably take away all smartphones and video recorders.

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