Professor Who Claimed He Had Dirt On Hillary – Disappears

Professor Who Claimed He Had Dirt On Hillary – Disappears

In the light of the Kevin Spacey scandal, Netflix has canceled “House of Cards.” This is not surprising, nor do I think it is the wrong thing to do. What I will miss about the show, however, is that it has heightened our awareness about what really goes on in DC. If you watch that show, it is incredibly accurate in detailing the inner workings of DC politics. Bribery, extortion, murder, lying, theft, conspiracy, double-speak, it’s all in there.

The only person to surpass the levels of Frank Underwood in real life is none other than Her Worshipfulness, Hillary Clinton. I am not one to believe in conspiracies without a lot of proof. I don’t think the world is flat, I don’t think Sandy Hook was a false flag operation, or anything of the sort. But there is something about the Clintons that doesn’t pass the smell test. I mean, Donna Brazile is cutting ties with them, even offering a counter point about Seth Rich.

It is uncanny the number of people who commit suicide with two gunshots in their backs. So, it is no surprise to hear that there is, yet again, another “mysterious disappearance” of someone who promised to have “dirt” on the Clintons.

Joseph Mifsud, an academic who investigators claim enticed George Papadopoulos, a Trump campaign aide, with a promise of “dirt” on Hillary Clinton from Russian sources, has mysteriously vanished. Papadopoulos alleges that Mifsud “told him in April 2016 that the Russians had ‘thousands of emails’ relating to Hillary Clinton.” Last Thursday, he has reportedly disappeared from the university in Rome where he teaches and hasn’t been seen since.

“Repeated attempts to reach him since have been unsuccessful,” the report noted. “Though he appears to have read some messages from CNN.”

Since Mifsud was identified in the charges against Papadopoulos, details have come to surface about his “sketchy” dealings, like claims about his own status and his connections to the investigation, and warnings from an associate “about the danger of being played by the Russians,” according to The Daily Wire.

“The Russian government and its security and intelligence services frequently make use of non-governmental intermediaries to achieve their foreign policy objectives,” affirmed an FBI affidavit. “The Russian government has used individuals associated with academia and think-tanks in such a capacity.”

An anonymous associate of Mifsud’s says that he boasted about Moscow’s possession of “compromising material” on the Clinton campaign repeatedly. This was allegedly happening in spring 2016, the same time that Russian agencies were analyzing stolen emails from the Clinton campaign and the DNC, according to U.S. officials.

I thank the heavens above every day that this woman is not our president. I’m not terribly happy with the guy we’ve got in there now, but this lady is pure, sociopathic, evil. This guy sums it up perfectly.

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