Protester Holds “Bill’s A Rapist Sign” At Hillary Rally, “Tolerant” Liberals Go In For The Kill

Protester Holds “Bill’s A Rapist Sign” At Hillary Rally, “Tolerant” Liberals Go In For The Kill

Liberals are all about people protesting… as long as they, themselves, agree with the protest. If someone tries to protest something that liberals agree with, though, then that’s unacceptable. And a protester at a recent Hillary Clinton rally found out just how intolerant liberals can actually be.


A protester showed up at a Hillary rally in Las Vegas, holding a sign that said, “Bill’s a Rapist”. Hillary’s supporters were not having that and immediately physically attacked the man, tackling him.

Hillary bleated about how the nation needs to come together and have more respect for each other, all while her supporters were attacking a man for protesting. He even tried to get away by climbing over the barrier, but her rabid fans refused to let him, pulling him back so they could continue beating him. This man was physically assaulted, all because he exercised his First Amendment Rights.


But hey, liberals are super tolerant, right? They really hold dear the right of Americans to peacefully protest — unless, of course, you’re protesting something that liberals support and then you deserve to have your butt kicked. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get assaulted while a harpy in a pantsuit preaches about togetherness. Good times.

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