Republican Presidential Candidate May Have Done The Most Brutal Anti-Hillary Ad Ever [Video]

Now, that’s a woman I could get behind. Carly Fiorina takes it straight to the Hildebeast and flays her with absolutely no mercy. Well done – excellent. This may indeed by the most brutal anti-Hillary ad I have seen to date and it’s going to leave a mark, as it should. Fiorina rose from being a secretary to being a CEO – she’s had her trials and tribulations along the way, but she is a determined, savvy businesswoman and a heck of a political force to be reckoned with. She’s absolutely right when she says titles are not accomplishments and mileage traveled is not one either. Drunken escapades with other women in foreign ports is also not a resume enhancer. In this video, Carly rips Hillary a new one and shows that she is definitely presidential material. Go Carly!

Notice how not even the most craven Hillary sycophant can name one real accomplishment she has contributed. Unless of course you count graft and corruption as an attribute. I’m sorry, but I have never been a subscriber to having a vagina as a qualification for office. Fiorina has a spine of steel and focus, which makes her a viable candidate. Judge a presidential candidate by the content of their character and what they do, not by their gender (which these days is just damned confusing). Fiorina is whip-smart and obviously doesn’t suffer from the same brain damage Hillary does. As one commenter put it, this was a b*tch-slapping and was magnificent. I could watch this all day long. Fiorina has accomplished a great deal in her life… Hillary, not so much… just ask her supporters.

Is this the most brutal anti-Hillary ad you’ve ever seen?

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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