REVEALED: Hillary Clinton Health Cover-up [VIDEO]

With Donna Brazile’s new book, Hacks, finally out in the open, we’re getting all sorts of dirt from the former interim Democratic National Committee about the campaign and it all aligns with what Republicans already knew.

Hillary’s been spotted collapsing after 9/11 ceremonies, coughing on stage and at one point, she was forced to give up on a speech in Ohio because she couldn’t stop coughing. It took days after footage of the NYC collapse was leaked before the campaign admitted that Hillary had been diagnosed with pneumonia.

For instance, Brazile is now revealing that yes, Hillary was in poor health during the campaign and it was all covered up, even though party insiders were investigating the possibility that she would have to be replaced by Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. So, Bernie Sanders in a wig? Or Joe Biden wearing the lipstick colors that were all the rage in 1995?

This is a yuge surprise for the Democrats among us, but Republicans and Trump supporters have long known that coughin’ Hillary has been in rough shape for a long while now, but Brazile isn’t just rehashing what we already knew — she’s adding on those extra juicy details that only the flies on the wall could’ve known.

Brazile says that while the campaign had also claimed that Hillary was simply suffering from allergies, she was busy trying to decide what kind of ticket would be best able to step up and replace her, with her preference being for Joe Biden and Sen. Cory Booker from New Jersey, confirming that she did have a phone call with Biden on September 12th, 2016.

In September of 2016, “Rapin'” Bill Clinton was revived from cold storage for just long enough to appear on Charlie Rose and swear up and down that Hillary’s collapse in New York City should be ignored, because he believes that Hillary is “in better health than her opponent.” As for Bill, when Rose asked him about his health, he said that he passed a recent physical with “flying colors” and that every day he feels great. “I feel great!” Sure, Bill. I’d make more comments on how you look, but considering you’ve been married to Hillary Clinton for decades, I can’t blame you for looking ragged.

From October 2016, here’s CNN presenting a 30-second ad by the Trump campaign highlighting Hillary Clinton’s poor health, back when the Democrats at Clinton News Network were absolutely positive that the hag would wipe the floor with the now President Trump:

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