Say, How Could Sexxxxxism Hurt Hillary During The Debates?

The media and their Democrat comrades have long attempted to set the conditions where if Hillary loses, it will be do to outside factors having nothing to do with her. It won’t be due to her being a horrible, horrible candidate. It won’t be because she’s rather boring. Or because people are worried about her health. Or that her polices are bad for the middle and lower classes. Or that people who think she is Obama’s third term, having watched the blase economy, the dictatorial style of Obama, how Ocare is failing, the terrible foreign policy, etc. It won’t be due to her being bad at connecting with people. She just doesn’t have that certain something that people like Bill Clinton, Obama, and others have. Nope. It’s sexxxxxism. Now Anna Waters attempts to say if she loses the debate, it will be due to sexxxxxism

How could sexism hurt Clinton in the debates? These female high school debaters know.

Yes, that is correct, Ms. Waters is actually making the case of sexxxxxism towards Hillary by using high school kids. Nothing says “ready to be president of the United States” like being compared to high school females, because, we all know how stable teenagers (male or female) tend to be.

On the national stage, another woman has been battling the gendered perception of what it is to be “presidential,” both in debates and on the campaign trail. “I just don’t think she has a presidential look, and you need a presidential look,” Donald Trump declared this month of his opponent, Hillary Clinton, the second time in two days he’d expressed skepticism about Clinton’s “presidential” appearance and the umpteenth time Clinton has faced gendered mockery. Her political rivals and a cadre of pundits, on the left and the right, have taken her to task for the way she presents herself in debates and speeches — her voice, her clothing, her level of emotion — in a way that resonates with a group far from the world of national politics: female high school debaters. As a former high school debater who now coaches, I know something about how Clinton will be judged when she takes the debate stage against Trump on Monday night.

Ms. Waters is a junior at Northwestern University. Surprisingly, she is majoring in journalism, not Women’s Studies. Still means she’s a leftist, though. So, of course, this is what presidential looks like

The female high school debaters I know have been belittled by male opponents and told to shush. Judges and parents call these young women naggy, shrill and even bitchy. They’re told to smile more and sometimes get more in-depth criticism of their hem length than their argumentation. Isabelle Bavis, a junior at Evanston Township High School in Illinois, who has been called “screechy” on ballots, puts it simply: “The language they use to correct us is not the same language used when correcting the boys.”

Welcome to the Real World, honey. Oh, wait, sorry, that was misogynistic. My bad. Well, not really. Anyhow, no worries about Hillary being her typical shrill self. She’s either

or looks like death warmed over

Or her eye is wandering. Or she’s yelling at people. Or, she’s apparently akin to a high school female with raging hormones (whoops, that’s a paternalistic saying), which is exactly what we need for president, AmIRight? Because the opinion piece goes on and on and on like a women in a shoe store (sorrynotsorry), getting to

Many female debaters have learned to modulate their voices and temper their emotions to win within this structure, something Clinton discussed doing in a recent interview with Humans of New York. Ella Fanger, a senior at Oakwood School in Los Angeles, says she has to moderate her tone to resist falling into gendered traps.

Uh, yeah, men do this too. In fact, huge numbers of people do this in all facets of life. There are classes in speech, tone, and boy language modification. Would you buy a car from someone who sounds bored, screechy, obnoxious, or too loud? It annoys the hell out of me when football analysts are constantly talking so loud as to almost be yelling. I rather tune them out. Would you trust your doctor if they were were shrill, male or female? Would you want some who looks like death warmed over touching you?

“Clinton faces similar challenges in terms of trying to both confront stereotypes but at the same time being weirdly beholden to them, because she needs voters to vote for her in the same way I need a judge to vote for me,” Fanger says. “I don’t have full freedom to fight the patriarchy in the way I want to because it’s a competitive activity. I’m in that room to get the ballot.”

Which, come November, is exactly what another woman seeks to do. And whether or not these young debaters want Clinton to be president, they are hoping her candidacy helps change what it means to be a woman in debate — and what it means to be “presidential.”

Let’s boil it down: if she loses, well, it’s that darned patriarchy and sexxxxxism. Not Clinton collapsing on 9/11, not her inibility to walk a flight of stairs without help, and certainly not that she’s just a terrible candidate who would be getting slaughtered if a portion of the GOP hadn’t gotten Donald Trump to be the GOP nominee. This is simply setting the stage for Blamestorming if she blows the first debate.

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