Secret Video Records MASSIVE Hillary Event Flop!

Secret Video Records MASSIVE Hillary Event Flop!

Soooo embarrassing for Hillary, Clinton. In Delaware, Ohio, Clinton was supposed to have a door-knocking event at 1 pm in the afternoon. One guy, who was documenting it for Donald Trump, showed up. He was it. No one came at all… when the staffers finally figured out who he was, they had him leave, but not before he got a gander at a whole lot of no one.

I watched South Park last week and they joked that Clinton had maybe four supporters. It’s looking more and more like that is just about right. There are over 2 million people in that area and no one could be bothered to show up for the Hildabeast.


From Gateway Pundit:

At Hillary Clinton’s Ohio campaign headquarters, volunteers were supposed to show up in droves to knock on doors for the Democratic presidential nominee.

But, when this Donald Trump supporter showed up to the headquarters to check out the crowd, he found no one there.

In fact, the only Hillary supporters at the offices were the staff running the headquarters. When the man said he was a Trump supporter and asked where all the volunteers were, they quickly showed him the door.

The staffers for Hillary Clinton had expected door knockers to show up in droves. They must have been so disappointed.

The Clinton campaign office was well stocked and neat. It was clearly ready to handle a large number of volunteers. The fact that no one showed indicates her ground game is in real trouble. If this is the case in all states out there, she will get clobbered by Donald Trump in the coming election. I wonder if you go to events like this in each state for Clinton what you would find. I have a feeling it will be eerily similar. This has got to have the Democrats in a panic.

Hillary Clinton is supposed to be the favorite here… the one with the overwhelming advantage in the election. If that is true, where is everyone? Trump’s rallies are packed with thousands of people… he’s making her look ridiculous. There is more enthusiasm for an old shoe than for Clinton at this point. Clinton is spending millions (that she has stolen or gotten from our enemies) to staff these offices. When support is non-existent like this, you have to wonder what is the point.

Between Trump leading in the polls, the enthusiasm factor, Hillary’s health, her corruption and terrorism concerns, it’s beginning to look more and more likely that the Trumpster will be the next president.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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