SHOCKING VIDEO: Hillary Lied About Who ISIS is REALLY Using In Recruitment Videos [Watch]

SHOCKING VIDEO: Hillary Lied About Who ISIS is REALLY Using In Recruitment Videos [Watch]

Hillary the liar better get her facts straight or better notes, because what she spouted off about during the ‘debate’ for the Democrats regarding Donald Trump no only proved to be false, but they are using her own husband in their imaging. Oopsie daisy, Hill:


During last night’s third Democrat/Socialist debate, Hillary Clinton said that ISIS is recruiting new terrorists by showing the impressionable videos featuring Donald Trump and his anti-Muslim rhetoric.

This was quickly proven not true. Heck, even Clinton’s team said it wasn’t true.

The funny thing though, is that ISIS is using Hillary’s husband Bill, and former boss Barack Obama in their videos.


From John S. Roberts at YC:

A new ISIS recruiting video, titled “No Respite” has been released.The video is interesting because it lays out in very plain terms how ISIS views itself. Anyone who views this an can still say that ISIS is not truly Islamic is either a liar or a blithering idiot. This is the video in full. It is a little over 4 minutes and worth watching.

This is totally shocking. It shows the real mission behind ISIS and their mission to take over the world, and it is NOT a joke. This is real propaganda issued by them, and they are using this as a recruitment tool. I watched several times because I simply could not believe my ears or eyes:

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