SHOTS FIRED! Trump: It Would Be Interesting to Ask Bill Clinton the Difference Between Him and Cosby

SHOTS FIRED! Trump: It Would Be Interesting to Ask Bill Clinton the Difference Between Him and Cosby

As Bill Cosby’s alleged sex crimes continue to gain major attention in the media, more and more people are making comparisons to another famous Bill. And this week, Donald Trump mused about how interesting it would be to ask Bill Clinton what the difference between him and Bill Cosby is.

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On Monday, Trump was interviewed on the Howie Carr Show. The host asked Trump if there is a difference between Bill Cosby and former President Clinton.

“Well, the Cosby thing is a weird deal and he’s got himself some big problems, and you almost have to ask Bill Clinton that question,” Trump said. “It would be a very interesting question to someday ask him. Certainly he has a lot of strong charges against him and it’s pretty bad stuff. And it only got brought up because she said I have sexist tendencies. And I respect women so much and I’ll protect women and I’ll protect them and I’ll protect the whole country.”

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Last week, the legendary comedian was criminally charged for the first time in regards to a sexual assault allegation that dates back to 2004. During the past year, over 40 women have come forward and said that Cosby sexually assaulted them in the past.

Carr referred to two headlines from the past that compared the Clinton’s sex life to Trump’s sex life.

“I remember a headline in one of the New York tabs, I forget which one, saying about one of your girlfriends, maybe one of your wives, ‘best lover I had,’ that’s the headline I remember about you,” Carr said to Trump. “The headline I remember about him in the New York tabs is, ‘you better put some ice on it.’”

The hypocrisy of the liberal media here is staggering. Here they are, mercilessly picking apart the details of every single accusation against Bill Cosby, while completely ignoring the accusations against Bill Clinton… all while his wife campaigns as some kind of warrior in the war on women.

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