Stunning Study Shows Why Hillary Clinton REALLY Lost

Stunning Study Shows Why Hillary Clinton REALLY Lost

Since November, much attention has been paid as to why Donald Trump won — and why Hillary Clinton lost. It was long assumed that Hillary would easily beat Trump, right up until the results came in on election night. Now, a new study is shedding some light on exactly what happened.

During the election, Hillary Clinton notoriously called Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables” — and the study says that this is one of the key factors that caused her defeat. The 8,000 person study was conducted by the Voter Study Group, looking into the Five Types of Trump Voter.

Five key groups were identified: American Preservationists, Staunch Conservatives, Anti-Elites, Free Marketeers and the Disengaged. The Free Marketeers and Staunch Conservatives were steadfast Trump voters; Hillary was never going to be able to touch them. But they weren’t the groups that would have won the election for Hillary. Instead, it was the American Preservationists that gave Trump the win.

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This group was friendly to Democrats and to Hillary in 2012. The study said that these voters “lean economically progressive, believe the economic and political systems are rigged, have nativist immigration views, and a nativist and ethnocultural conception of American identity” and “nearly half had positive views of Clinton in 2012.”

They also tend to be friendly towards Democrats in general. “American Preservationists are trade skeptics and look more like Democrats on domestic economic issues, particularly on the nation’s wealth distribution, concern over old-age entitlement programs, and animus toward Wall Street,” the study noted. “They feel powerless against moneyed interested and the politically connected and tend to distrust other people. They also share liberals’ views on the environment, believing that global warming is a serious threat and human activity is primarily to blame.”

This wasn’t the only group that was Democrat-friendly; the anti-elites were similar. “This group of Trump supporters leans economically progressive, believes the economic and political systems are rigged, and takes relatively more moderate positions on immigration, race, and American identity than American Preservationists. They are also the most likely group to favor political compromise,” the study said.

“Anti-Elites have relatively cooler feelings toward Donald Trump than American Preservationists, and nearly half had favorable opinions of Clinton in 2012. This group shifted most dramatically, however, against Clinton by November 2016. They were the least likely group to mobilize in the Republican primary, but of those who did, they disproportionately turned out for John Kasich.”

So, when Hillary was insulting Trump voters as “deplorables,” she was insulting people who had once supported her as well. She also completely ignored these voters, not making even a slight effort to appeal to them. Add in her obvious entitlement attitude and her clear elitism, and it’s not surprising that she lost after all.

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