Terror Suspect Was Placed in Charge of Hillary’s Security During Libya Visit

Hillary Clinton’s appalling incompetence on security matters helped kill four Americans in Benghazi. More may have been killed do to the leaking of classified information as a result of her email shenanigans. More still are lucky to have survived her general ineptitude — including Shrillary herself:

A known Islamic terror suspect was placed in charge of Hillary Clinton’s local security detail during a trip by the US Secretary of State to Libya, Daily Mail Online can reveal.

The shocking security blunder occurred in October 2011 when Clinton made an unannounced visit to Libya following the toppling of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

This toppling was an even larger blunder, considering that Gaddafi had been cooperating with the West on terror, and had been preventing massive swarms of refugees from surging out of Africa, through Libya, and into anything that would float to invade Europe, as is currently happening. There was no one in a position to fill the power vacuum, which is why ISIS is now in the process of taking over Libya.

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Unwittingly flanked by a man known to British security forces as a member of the banned Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) and considered a threat to British and US national security Mrs Clinton held talks with top officials from the National Transitional Council (NTC) and spoke of her ‘pride’ at standing ‘on the soil of a free Tripoli.’

“Free Tripoli” is part of the now failed state of Libya, a breeding ground for terrorists.

Hillary doesn’t make her own security arrangements. But she is responsible for selecting people who can do their job effectively. Instead, she chooses foolishly. Examples include the bungling Cheryl Mills and Muslim Brotherhood–linked Huma Abedin. These are the sort of people who would be running the country under a Hillary Administration.

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