Trump Releases Video Showing Hillary As A Robot

Something amusing for a Sunday morning

(The Hill) A new Donald Trump video is mocking Hillary Clinton as a malfunctioning robot, a reference to her recent remark that she “short-circuited” when speaking about the FBI’s probe into her email server.

“Is robot Hillary melting down,” the video, posted by Trump on his Facebook page Saturday, asks.

It shows clips of her speaking to a group of Hispanic and black journalists on Friday.

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“I may have short-circuited it, and for that I will try to clarify,” Clinton tells the group in a clip from the video.

Here you go

It’s actually cute how it uses Hillary’s supposed misspeak on raising taxes on the middle class as the short circuit, rather than her utter lies about what she states the FBI and Director Comey said about her email server.

But, does the video work? If it’s only online, how much of a reach does it have?

Speaking of short circuited, Mike Cernovich takes a look at Hillary’s mental and physical breakdowns, specifically all her coughing fits, freezes, and seizures, wondering if she has had stroke. And, especially in relation to Hillary’s coughing fits, he writes

Imagine if Trump had so much as a runny nose. CNN would impanel a group of medical experts to analyze his used tissues.

Yet when Hillary has a complete breakdown in public and suffers a seizure when talking to reporters, the press is silent.

Can’t say he’s wrong about that part.

And just for a little even-handedness, I ended up in a Twitter debate, and had a couple of interesting things thrown at me

And here’s the top one, from a Trumpite who started with me, then, like a little bitch, ran away and blocked me, hence the screenshot

Funny, so many Trump supporters say he’s not an authoritarian, yet, lots and lots of people were loving that tweet.

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