Trump rips Clinton aide and insults ‘perv’ husband Anthony Weiner

Trump rips Clinton aide and insults ‘perv’ husband Anthony Weiner

Donald Trump is at it again! This weeks victim of the joke factory is Hillary Clinton aide, Huma Abedin.

trump rips clinton perv

“And who is Huma married to?” Trump asked. “One of the great sleazebags of our time, Anthony Weiner.”
The Don has a good point.  As cute as Abedin may be, she is definitely married to a sleaze, and she could definitely score a better husband. I’m sure Anthony Weiner also has a random throwaway email address listed in that 10gb data dump from the hacked Ashley Madison website.
I believe Trump’s point is that if you surround yourself with trashy people who make bad decisions, then what are you?
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