Young Female Voter Nails Hillary On Benghazi, Server

And Hillary is unable to give more than a typical foolish answer

(Washington Post) The question was just what Hillary Clinton asked for when she came to a small college campus Saturday to directly tackle the exodus of support for her among young voters, many of whom are drawn to opponent Bernie Sanders.

A young woman, speaking slowly, told Clinton she had worked for her in 2008. A smiling Clinton thanked her. But then the woman posed among the toughest challenges anyone has yet put to the former secretary of state. It covered the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, on Clinton’s watch, and her use of a private email system for her government work.

“I’ve heard your somewhat pat answer,” that other secretaries of state had also used non-government email, the woman said. “But they didn’t have a private server.”

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And why, she asked, did Clinton tell her daughter Chelsea Clinton on the night of the Benghazi attacks that they were the work of an al-Qaeda-like group, at a time when the public explanation was that a spontaneous protest over an anti-Islamic video had turned deadly.

The WP says Hillary looked “startled” and went into a long, rambling explanation, sounding very defensive, which included

“When Benghazi happened, it was the fog of war. There was no clear understanding, and there wasn’t for many, many days,” Clinton said. The group that had initially claimed responsibility withdrew that claim a day later, after Clinton had sent the email, she said.

That still doesn’t answer the question as to why she told her daughter (and others) that it was terrorism, then told the public that it was a video that no one had seen. Nor why the intelligence community was saying it was terrorism. Nor why she told others in private days later that it was terrorism, not a video. And she never answered the question on her server (she certainly doesn’t want to make a statement that can be used against her in a courtroom).

“But in the end of the day it was a terrorist attack,” Clinton said. “I wish I could give you an absolute answer,” she added, before posing a question of her own.

“Why is this being used as a great political issue? I really regret it is.”

She regrets that she’s being attacked for her actions and incompetence, not for leaving 4 Americans to die. Once again she attempts to turn the question around.

During much of the rest of the appearance, she played the “I’m a woman so misogyny” card.

As for the “fog of war” answer, well, do we really need a president who is not cool and calm in the face of adversity? One who is unable to answer that “3am call”? She stated Obama wasn’t ready for it, and she was right. She sure seems unable to answer it, and, if she manages to garner the Democratic nomination, she’ll have to answer questions from whoever the Republican nominee is. Cruz, Rubio, Trump, Christie, Fiorina, Carson, all would certainly come after her. Not so sure about Kasich or Bush. But, then, I doubt it will be anyone either than Cruz, Rubio, or Trump. And Hillary will get asked these questions. In public. In debates. And she’ll have to answer them.

Of course, this all supposes she isn’t under indictment by the time the general election period comes around. Not that Democrats will care. They seem not to care about either what happened in Benghazi nor Hillary’s illegalities with her home-brew, insecure server.

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