Happy Columbus Day

Western Civilization is the apex of human achievement. Columbus Day is a time to celebrate its expansion into the cultural vacuum of the New World. As a holiday it will soon be abolished because liberals oppose Western Civilization. They would prefer we celebrate the backwards, dysfunctional, savage cultures that Europeans made the world a better place by displacing.

Several city councils across the country are voting to abolish Columbus Day — and celebrate the holiday as Indigenous People’s Day.

Officials in Portland, Ore., on Wednesday became the most recent to approve the new name for the holiday.

The day — which is traditionally celebrated on the second Monday in October — celebrates Christopher Columbus discovering the so-called New World.

However, [moonbat] historians and activists over the years have tried to dethrone Columbus’ reign as a famed explorer and instead hold him responsible for the mass genocide and enslavement of natives who had been in the Americas long before Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

“Learning about the history of Columbus and transforming this day into a celebration of indigenous people and a celebration of social justice…allows us to make a connection between this painful history and the ongoing marginalization, discrimination, and poverty that indigenous communities face to this day,” Kshama Sawant, a Seattle City Council member told the Seattle Times in 2014.

As the reference to “social justice” indicates, Kshama is a socialist. She is an Indian of the dot not feather variety, who presumably came to this country because of the opportunities Western Civilization offers. The history of her ideology suggests that the last thing she would do is alleviate poverty.

Is there really even a single person who would rather live in the Western Hemisphere pre-Columbus than post-Columbus? The romanticized life of a savage is revered in the faculty lounge, but in reality it was poor, nasty, brutish, and short.

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