Hip Hop Curriculum Teaches Kids to Hate Great American Presidents

Children are now taught not to admire the heroes who built this country, but to hate them. This is what public schools are degenerating into:

Concern over a new hip-hop curriculum that refers to the founding fathers as “old dead white men” has delayed the program’s rollout for at-risk students, Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent Karl Springer said. …

Known as Flocabulary, the program is a music-based educational tool that uses raps, rhythms and rhymes to help students learn and memorize everything from vocabulary and English to math and social studies.

More appalling even than the medium is the message:

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One of the rap songs — “Old Dead White Men” — chronicles the shortcomings of the early leaders in the United States.

Of President James Monroe’s tenure, the rap says: “White men getting richer than Enron./ They stepping on Indians, women and blacks./ Era of Good Feeling doesn’t come with the facts.”

That’s followed up by an assessment of President Andrew Jackson’s checkered dealings with American Indians.

“Andrew Jackson, thinks he’s a tough guy./ Killing more Indians than there are stars in the sky./ Evil wars of Florida killing the Seminoles./ Saying hello, putting Creek in the hell holes./ Like Adolf Hitler he had the final solution./ ‘No, Indians, I don’t want you to live here anymore.'”

This corrosive propaganda is deliberately targeted toward “at-risk” students, i.e., those who are already alienated from society and most susceptible to anti-American moonbattery.

Flocabulary CEO and co-founder Alex Rappaport said the lyrics are made intentionally provocative and sometimes humorous to create student engagement among some of the toughest-to-reach students in the nation.

When you hear the word “provocative” from moonbats, that means they are attempting to get away with something outrageous.

Naturally taxpayers are forced to finance this insanity:

The Oklahoma City School District has spent about $10,000 so far on the music and corresponding textbooks, Springer said. The Oklahoma City School Board authorized the district to spend up to $97,000 in federal funds on the program.

What will become of our country if reverence for our history, our great presidents, and the principles on which this nation was built are not passed on to the next generation? America will die.

andrew jackson
Andrew Jackson: featured old dead white man for the Two Minutes Hate.

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