Man Bought This Picture for $1 – Finds Out It’s Worth MILLIONS

Man Bought This Picture for $1 – Finds Out It’s Worth MILLIONS

A man bought this photo for $1 at a junk shop. Upon first glance, it appears to be a picture of some aristocrats playing croquet.

But when a professional inspected it, the buyer found out that he got something worth a LOT more than he paid for it.


Capitalism Is Freedom reported:

The photo was recently authenticated as the second known picture of Wild West outlaw Billy the Kid – the gunslinger who claimed to have killed 21 men and who was the most notorious member of the Regulators gang.

The journey to get the picture authenticated will now be the focus of a National Geographic special that airs this Sunday and details the years of hard work it took to prove that it was indeed the famous outlaw in the photograph, ending with a dramatic piece of evidence that required finding a remote schoolhouse and tearing away at the building’s siding to match the photo.

The work paid off however, as the photo – which sold for less than a dollar at a junk shop in 2010 – is now worth a staggering $5 million.

Not to shabby!

Here’s a close up of the photo:

Screen shot 2015-10-14 at 11.24.19 AM

The photo was discovered five years ago by Randy Guijarro, who purchased the 4×5 inch tintype picture at a Fresnco, California junk shop. He bought two other pictures on that shopping trip, with the grand total coming to just $2.

The only other authenticated picture of the Kid, a smug-faced portrait taken in 1880, was sold to businessman William Koch for $2.3million in 2011, a sale that got Guijarro very excited about his purchase.

Jeff Aiello, one of the producers of the National Geographic special airing this weekend, said that the Koch sale created problems for Guijarro however as everyone suddenly thought they had a photo of Billy the Kid, and the few individuals trusted to authenticate these tintypes were quick to shoot them all down – including Guijarro’s picture.

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