Man does something unexpected while dressed as a World War II NAZI

Man does something unexpected while dressed as a World War II NAZI

Uh, yeah… that happened. A young history reenactment buff named Tom Sweet (age 21) proposed to his girlfriend, Marcela Montoya (age 19) on bended knee in front of their whole group. Normally, I would say this is a mind-blowingly sweet moment, but here’s the catch… he was dressed as a World War II Nazi. I’m not sure I’d want to remember my engagement every time I thought of der fuhrer. I can’t imagine what their wedding is going to be like.

Yes, everyone was teary eyed and I know that it is a military reenactment… but come on! Who asks someone to marry them dressed as a murderous Nazi?! SMH.


From Metro:

Dressing up as a Nazi might not be the most romantic thing on the planet, but that didn’t stop history lover Tom Sweet from getting down on one knee.

He proposed to his girlfriend during a WWII re-enactment in front of more than 100 people.

The 21-year-old and now fiancee Marcela Montoya, 19, (she said yes, not ja), were both dressed in 1940s German outfits for the re-enactment in Blaenavon, Gwent.

Tom said: ‘It was nerve-wracking for me as she didn’t say “yes” straight away, I think she was just in shock.’

‘The crowd cheered and many a tear was shed. We were all lined up at the end of the battle and they were calling each group forward.

This must have all happened in Great Britain somewhere. The proposal was a surprise and it caught the girl off guard. But she did eventually say ‘yes’. They both join in on the history recounts whenever they can. The couple believes re-enactment helps people gain a better understanding of history rather than ‘consuming it’ through books.

The organizer for the event said it was the first proposal at a reenactment that she had ever heard of or seen. ‘I’d heard of weddings or similar ceremonies at re-enactments, but never a proposal,’ said Mrs. Sidney. ‘It was a well kept secret and it was just a wonderful surprise to everyone – especially the girl.’ Surprise isn’t quite the word that fits here. Still wrapping my head around the whole Nazi thing.

I hope they have a wonderful long and loving life together… but please, try recounting something other than a mass-murdering fascist next time. I’d love to see them explain to their family and children the pics from that proposal. Now that would be one for the history books!



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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