Marine Ducks & Nazi Pigs… Unsung Animal Heroes Who Saved Our Bacon on the Battlefield

Marine Ducks & Nazi Pigs… Unsung Animal Heroes Who Saved Our Bacon on the Battlefield

Many animals have supported and stood beside our warriors in battle. Many of them have been loyal and brave dogs. But there have been others as well. Meet Private Jackie – the chacma baboon who served with the 3rd South African Infantry in the First World War. He warned his fellow soldiers of potential attacks and enemy movements by pulling on their clothes or making noise. He also lost his leg in the war. Then there is Tirpitz, the German pig who defected to the enemy. When the German Dresden was sunk in battle with the Royal Navy cruiser HMS Glasgow off the coast of South America during the Battle of Más a Tierra, Tirpitz swam to the Glasgow and was rescued. He was commended for factually defecting to the British. Next up is G.I. Joe, the valiant carrier pigeon, who fearlessly saved the lives of the villagers of Calvi Vecchia, Italy and of the British troops occupying the village during the Second World War. Joe delivered a vital message just ahead of a British airstrike on the area which arrived just in time to stop the bombs from falling. My favorite is Siwash the hard drinking, hard fighting Marine duck. He was actually a she and was won in a poker game in New Zealand.


From the Daily Mail:

They served on the frontline, risking life and limb for their country.

But while the human heroes of our conflicts were decorated with medals and showered with due tribute, the animals who went to war with them have remained quietly unsung.

From Private Jackie, the chacma baboon attached to the 3rd South African Infantry in the First World War, who lost a leg as he tried to build a protective fortress for he and his comrades, to Tirptiz, the German pig who defected, changing his allegiance to the British cause, MailOnline remembers some of the animals who loyally joined their masters in the battlefield.

Others included Warrior, the real War Horse dubbed ‘the horse the Germans couldn’t kill’; Wotjek the 35-stone ‘soldier bear’ which drank, smoked and battled the Nazis for the Polish in the Middle East; Sgt Stubby, a short-tailed bull terrier and a true First World War hero; and Sgt Billy – the Canadian goat hero of WWI. The selfless sacrifice of many of these animals goes unsung and unremarked. Nevertheless, many helped soldiers win their battles and stay sane while they did so with the help of their animal brothers-in-arms. Heroes come from all walks of life and all species it would seem.









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