Mississippi Citizens Refuse to Back Down, and Take a MASSIVE Stand for Confederate Flag

Mississippi Citizens Refuse to Back Down, and Take a MASSIVE Stand for Confederate Flag

People are tired of politically correct politicians trying to dictate how they think and what they do. So when the PC police tried to attack the Mississippi state flag, Mississippi citizens were not having it.

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According to recent reports, the governor of Mississippi has announced that he will not be calling the state’s legislation into session to debate the removal of the Confederate flag from the state standard.

The Confederate symbol has been on the flag since 1984, and Gov. Phil Bryan intends to keep it that way for at least three more years. And there will be no debate about it

The Mississippi legislature adjourned in April before the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. Since the tragic event, controversy over the Confederate flag has ensued throughout the country. Initiatives have been introduced in many Southern states to remove the flag altogether, and the names of Confederate heroes have disappeared from streets, monuments, and buildings.

Alabama, California, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia have all faced pressures to take a stand against the Southern symbol.

Mississippi is refusing to give in to demands however. When Republican Rep. Philip Gunn tried to take a stand against the flag, he was met with a campaign called: “Keep the flag. Change the Speaker.”

“I believe the only way the flag should be changed is if the people of our state decide to change it,” Republican Tate Reeves claimed, supporting Bryant.

It’s really pathetic that so many people want to erase history, simply because they’re so thin-skinned that the mere sight of a flag will somehow upset their delicate sensibilities. At least not everyone in the world has lost their minds.

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