Olive Stone Whitewashes Imperial Japanese in Front of Their Victims

Oliver Stone doesn’t love only communists. Any enemy of America can earn his affection — even the demonic Imperial Japanese. In Singapore, which knows a little on that topic, Stone revealed that he is working on a 10-part defamation of America to be called The Untold History of the United States.

In the series, which he calls “the most important thing I have ever done”, he will give us his unique take on pivotal events like World War II and the Cold War.

Known for being hysterically outspoken and politically on the left, he has made a career of portraying the United States establishment — from Presidents to the intelligence services — as murderous villains….

Mr Stone is keen to keep the exact details of the “History of the World, according to Oliver Stone” under wraps but he does suggest that it will re-examine the likes of the Japanese in WWII and Russian tyrant Joseph Stalin more sympathetically than ever before.

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He tells the audience: “The Japanese were recognised, often hailed as liberators in Asia of these European colonies.” …

Liberators? It is bizarre, if not downright offensive, that Mr Stone chooses Singapore — where it is thought the Japanese murdered as many as 50,000 Chinese in just a few short years — to talk up the merits of the invading army. … The Japanese took torture and murder to industrious levels, shooting, beheading and burning alive thousands of locals and British prisoners of war.

Not even the infamously bloodthirsty Imperial Japanese could top Stalin, who murdered by the tens of millions, and who will also receive a reverent whitewash. Like the progressive intelligentsia he personifies, Stone is not merely deluded and flaky, but wicked. The explicit purpose of his films is to extol evil and malign good.

As Big Government and unions corrode our education system into a crumbling babysitting service, it has fallen upon Hollywood to rewrite history for the next generation. George Orwell wisely observed that

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.

The present is controlled by the liberal ruling class, led by malevolent vermin like Oliver Stone.

One of Stone’s heroes at play in Nanking.

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