WATCH Harry Reid’s ‘Disgusting’ Dishonesty Righteously Burnt To A Crisp By A Fire-Breathing Fox News Host [Video]

I’ve met a lot of politicians over the years, but Harry Reid was by far the most despicable I ever had the dishonor of meeting in Nevada. When he first showed up injured, I thought, well… who did he tick off in Vegas? The mob or the casino moguls? No way I believe he had an exercise equipment accident – his accident happened while he imitated a punching bag. Someone tuned him up but good. Now, because he’s being forced into retirement, the vicious little weasel is poking his finger in conservative America’s eye by telling the truth finally on how he lied about Mitt Romney’s tax returns. He was immune to slander charges on the Senate floor and now the little dwarf demon just can’t resist taking credit for his evil machinations. How very Progressive.

From Western Journalism:

An “ugly breach of the public trust” by a very powerful Democrat…

When then-Majority Leader Harry Reid took to the floor of the Senate in 2012 to charge that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes for 10 years, the Nevada Democrat offered no proof — only hearsay — for his slanderous accusation.

Despite being challenged to divulge his source of the outrageous claim, despite repeated calls that he prove Romney hadn’t paid his taxes, Reid never produced any evidence. He did, though, continue leveling the unsubstantiated charge.

And now, shortly after announcing that he won’t seek re-election in 2016, the senator has all but admitted that he was lying at the time to keep Romney from being elected…and he’s happy that it worked.

On her Fox News show Tuesday night, Megyn Kelly responded to Reid’s smirking acknowledgement to a CNN interviewer that he has no regrets about his repeated smears against Romney.

And Kelly was on fire, blasting the senator’s false claim as an “ugly breach of the public trust.” In her fiery rant against Harry Reid’s apparent glee at perpetuating false rumors and ugly lies, Kelly slammed his “complete lack of integrity, complete lack of honesty, never mind respect for the American people.”

I’ve always believed that Dirty Harry converted to Mormonism for political gain in Nevada. Hey Harry… how’s the church feel about you giving false testimony against a fellow Mormon? They should excommunicate the little troll. I hear the brothels in Nevada want to give Reid a retirement party for ensuring they got Obamacare. Well, since Reid has no morals or ethics, why not? Whores of the West unite! I love this video where Megyn Kelly and Dana Loesch rip Reid’s ethics and call for censureship. Definitely an ugly breach of public trust by an ugly, little man. All I can say on his retirement is good riddance. Reid is the poster boy for the Democratic Party today and has no regrets and no shame for the lies and destruction he has wreaked in American politics.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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