After Over 100 Plastic Surgeries, Model Suffers The Consequences (Photos)

After Over 100 Plastic Surgeries, Model Suffers The Consequences (Photos)

Gee, another woman who turns herself into a freak in pursuit of the perfect body. It’s just sad and horrific. I don’t even know where to begin with this woman. I’m sure at one time, she was beautiful. Now, she’s nightmarish. She’s had over 100 plastic surgeries to get this look. What kind of doctor does this? Ethics anyone? And it’s even worse than that, an unusually large-breasted and wide-hipped Instagram model nicknamed the “human blow up doll” died at the ripe old age of 23 because of this insanity. What a freaking waste.

Kristyna Martelli was known on social media for her extreme body decisions. “[RIP] beautiful I still can’t believe it,” tweeted Amy Anderssen, a friend of Martelli’s. Uh huh… and it never occurred to her friend that Kristyna had mental issues? Not much of a friend if you ask me. “Yesterday, the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world passed away,” Martelli’s Facebook page read about the model, who has over 600,000 Instagram followers. “We will always love you. You are gone but not forgotten. REST IN BEACH KRISTYNA MARTELLI.” Over 600,000 people thought this was just fine and sane. That’s sick.

She first went under the knife at the tender age of 17. Rumors on the web abound that the extreme surgeries caused her death. That would not surprise me in the least. It could have been an infection or a rejection. Whatever it was, she courted her own death. “[Martelli] passed away a few days ago while having a procedure done,” reads The Industry On Blast’s Instagram page. “During surgery she had a seizure and died.” I wouldn’t be at all surprised by that either.

This has caused an uproar as sane and normal people are decrying the obsessive plastic surgery habits of some of these people. It’s enhancement Russian roulette if you ask me. “There should be a law against this when ppl have … plastic surgery more than 10 times!” a Facebook user wrote on Ent! Breaking News’ page. “Smh why, why, RIP.” I couldn’t agree more. And the doctor who aided this woman in her obsession should be prosecuted and lose his/her license.

This girl definitely had mental issues. Any doctor worth their salt would have seen that and would have turned her down flat. The sad thing is Kristyna didn’t believe she had an obsession or mental problems. “The reason of all my surgeries is simply because I wanted to bring my body looks to another level and I regret nothing about any of them,” she wrote on her website. “I was never unhappy with what I looked like, I was just simply amazed by all these girls with these plastic looks and went and bought myself anything I needed to look like them!”

“I developed a passion to enhance my body to become the definition of plastic’s perfection,” she added. “I just absolutely fell in love with it, it’s not just a passion, it actually became my hobby, my life.” Yep, she was not right in the head and enhanced herself to death. There’s more than one way to commit suicide and she chose hers unwittingly.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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