3 yr-old Damages The Neighbor’s Car, Mom Caught Off-guard By What’s On The Bill

3 yr-old Damages The Neighbor’s Car, Mom Caught Off-guard By What’s On The Bill

We all the know the dreaded feeling of a car door hitting another car when parked in a parking lot. But somehow that feeling is amplified when it’s a kid – one whom we are responsible for – who without a care in the world, just swings open a door…then you hear it.

All you can do is hope that the people in the other car are not there! But if they are, your next hope is that they are reasonable, well measured folks.

Well, to a couple of parents astonishing shock, the response to their 3 year-old when the toddler hit the neighbor’s car door is one that has gone viral – for all the right reasons.

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After the toddler unintentionally hit his parents’ neighbor’s car with an innocent door swing, the parents made the responsible decision to leave a note stating the circumstances and offering to pay for the damages.

In response, the neighbor did something unexpected. An entertaining response note revealed an invoice for the damage and repainting, along with some other expenses that wouldn’t normally be on a bill, like “numerous cups of tea while pondering repair.”

At the bottom of the note, the final invoice item had an easy-going note to the parents and toddler, “These things happen,” with the words, “no charge” in big bold lettering.

The kind neighbors did have one demand, though…

“The only thing we ask is you keep taking our parcels in when we are not here, thanks!”

Many readers praised the neighbors for being so kind and generous in their response and not making the parents pay for the damages.

“I accidentally dinged a car when the wind caught my door and ended up paying quite a bit. Nice for this man to be such a good person.”

With another writing, “How sweet not everyone would do that.”

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