6 Year-Old Gets Off School Bus in Tears & Pair of Panties… Dad Horrified After Learning What Happened [VIDEO]

6 Year-Old Gets Off School Bus in Tears & Pair of Panties… Dad Horrified After Learning What Happened [VIDEO]

I simply wouldn’t stand for this. This incident happened in 2015, but I have been reading about others across the country that are similarly happening right now. A little six year-old girl who has a medical condition, needed to go to the bathroom in a Florida school. She raised her hand and was promptly ignored by the teacher. The child could not hold it and wet herself. That just didn’t need to happen.

Instead of calling one of the four people on the child’s emergency card, the teacher decided her shirt was long enough to cover her. They put her soiled pants in a bag and sent her home only in her shirt and school-issued underwear. The children bullied, laughed at and terrorized the child. She was beyond tears and sobbing uncontrollably when she got off the bus. Her father was furious and I don’t blame him.

From the Conservative Tribune:

A Florida dad is furious after his 6-year-old daughter was sent home by her school wearing nothing but a shirt and panties after she had a wetting accident in class.

According to WKMG-TV, Palm Coast resident Raymond McCurdy picked his daughter up from the bus stop Tuesday to find her in nothing but a T-shirt and underwear, crying all the while.

“I kind of lifted her shirt once we got in the car and noticed she was in panties and a T-shirt only, her soiled clothes in a bag,” McCurdy said.

“She’s been through enough in her life already and she’s only 6,” McCurdy added. “She has medical issues, and when she has to go, she has to go.”

According to McCurdy, his daughter had her hand up to go to the bathroom but the teacher ignored her. He says that his daughter’s school, Belle Terre Elementary, knew about her medical issues. He also says that he had never had a problem with schools recognizing the issue until he moved to Florida last month.

“What would have happened if my kid would have gotten touched by somebody?” McCurdy asked.

This little girl has been in other schools that knew of her condition and there was never a problem before. Then the family moved to Florida and that changed. The school says they offered to sit down with the family, but they refused. I would too… the deed is done, what are you going to say that will change that? I’m sorry? Bull crap. The father retained legal council and I hope he sued the hell out of them. I also hope they pulled that little girl from that school.

That child could have been molested and at the very least was traumatized. This is nothing new. When I was a kid in school, a girl raised her hand to go to the bathroom and a teacher with a ring on his hand walked up, backhanded her and opened her face up with the ring. He was never fired and I never forgot that horrible scene. So, this kind of thing just ticks me off. There’s no excuse for it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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