AMAZING PICTURES Go VIRAL! Deputy saved baby from crash and kept her safe until help arrived

AMAZING PICTURES Go VIRAL! Deputy saved baby from crash and kept her safe until help arrived

A sheriff’s deputy has gained unexpected fame after his picture went viral on Facebook of him holding a baby after a terrible car wreck. Luckily, the baby and her mom are both fine:

A police officer who was pictured calming a baby at the scene of the car crash has won a legion of fans on the police officer

When Sheriff’s Deputy Ric Lindley arrived at the scene of the wreck in Leeds, Alabama, on Tuesday he checked to see if there were any victims.

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Four people were injured when an ambulance, a tractor trailer and three cars collided.

As Lindley went from car to car on the I-20, he noticed a baby in a car seat. He got her out, held her to him and quickly calmed the youngster down.

A colleague was on hand to capture the act of kindness before uploading the photo onto Facebook.
The picture has since been shared more than 14,000 times and has attracted a string of comments praising Lindley’s actions.

The baby and her mother were not injured in the smash.

Mary Ann Greenslade wrote: ‘Such an act of compassion. Thank you Deputy Lindley for being there for that sweet child. Prayers for all involved.

Darin Band-Aid Gunter added: ‘A dad in a uniform… is still a dad.’

Kim Roper Brummett said: ‘Thank you deputy. That baby needed you and you were there. Thanks again, this warmed my heart.’

Lindley told WBRC: ‘She was kind of excited about all the noise and everything going on, which is understandable, but she became calm…and she stayed calm. She smiled.’

He added: ‘We can be hard sometimes, that’s just the nature of the beast. But at other times, we’re not machines, or computers, we have feelings.

‘We are human beings. And, we try to treat people out here just like we would want someone to treat our children, or our spouses, or our parents.’

What a hero. Whether he knows it or not, he helped that mom and baby in a way that most couldn’t even fathom. Kudos to you, officer, and thank you for your empathy.

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