Boy Is Burned Alive After Family’s Car Catches Fire Trying To Flee California Wildfires [VIDEO]

Boy Is Burned Alive After Family’s Car Catches Fire Trying To Flee California Wildfires [VIDEO]

More than 31 are now dead in California from the wildfires. Over 300 are missing. I have family in Napa Valley. All are safe, but a number of them lost their homes. You just would not believe the pictures that are coming out of there. It is the worst fire rampage in history. I lived through fires in Northern Nevada and it was one of the scariest things we ever went through. I can’t imagine the terror and loss these poor people are dealing with.

The Shepherd family lost one of their children to the fires. Parents Jon and Sara have two children… their son Kai, who is 14 and their daughter Kressa, who is 17. They called family members around 1 am on Monday, telling them they were evacuating and getting out. They split up into two cars, both of which caught on fire as they were driving one mile down their driveway. I have no idea why they waited so long to get out of there. Then they tried to escape on foot, but got caught in the flames. Neighbor Paul Hanssen found Kai dead, near his badly burned mother, 40, and sister, 17. It’s almost impossible to outrun a wildfire in a car and it’s a death sentence to try it on foot.

“He (Hanssen) stayed with the girls, kept them comfortable, and gave them water,” Sara’s sister Mindi Ramos told KTVU. “They were lucid. He called 911 and got the firefighters there.” Jon Shepherd, 45, got further away and was rescued by firefighters. He was taken to a burn unit in San Francisco. No one knew what had happened to the father until they started calling area hospitals. All three of the remaining family members are burned and heavily sedated. They probably don’t know about Kai yet. It’s horrific. Jon reportedly suffered a heart attack on top of all this, but will survive. He, along with his wife, have already undergone skin graft surgeries.

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Their home was burned to the ground and they have no fire insurance. But it’s even worse than that. Kressa had to have both legs amputated below the knee to save her life. This is why when authorities tell you to get out of an area, you don’t question it… you go. You risk your life and your family’s lives by staying. Sara’s sister set up a charity account for the family on and it’s already raised more than $70,000 of its $100,000 goal.

Sara’s parents live near where their home was and their house was spared in the fire. They will bring the family back there to recuperate and piece their lives back together. Community members have offered to retrofit Sara’s parent’s house. “We have a huge community of people stepping up to support them,” Ramos said. “It’s really amazing, if there’s one thing to be grateful for.” Ramos remembered Kai as a sweet, brave and compassionate boy who loved the San Francisco Giants and wrestling. “He could just see into people’s hearts, you know?” Ramos said. No one should die the way that poor boy did. It breaks my heart.

Northern California is going through another bad day today. They are exhausted. “It wears you out,” said winemaker Kristin Belair, who was driving back from Lake Tahoe to her as-yet-unburnt home in Napa. “Anybody who’s been in a natural disaster can tell you that it goes on and on. I think you just kind of do hour by hour almost.” The death toll is sure to climb, especially with so many missing. Rivers of wine caught on fire. People are returning to communities full of ashes and bones. I heard one couple survived in their swimming pool as their neighborhood burned. Pray for those in Northern California. It was one of the most beautiful parts of California and is sadly no more.

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