Can YOU Spot the Cat? This is Harder than You Think….

Can YOU Spot the Cat? This is Harder than You Think….

Cats are tricky tricksters, to be sure, but one cat, Pedro, has become an internet puzzlement on his whereabouts in this photo. Where is he? That darn cat!

pedro kitchen

Cats are notoriously elusive but people have been left puzzled – and even annoyed – over one pet’s whereabouts in a photo of a kitchen.

The owner of a tabby called Pedro posted a photo of the mysterious moggy online, asking if anyone could spot him hiding among the ‘kitchen maze’ of their ‘tiny flat’.

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Uploading the snap to website Bored Panda, the anonymous poster said: ‘If you have a cat or two or even more, you might know that cats have the ability to disappear whenever they want – like ninjas.

‘They simply fit into everything! And suddenly, they pop up like nothing happened.

‘Me and my wife actually live in a pretty tiny flat with our two fur-friends and one of them – his name is Pedro – still can hide himself that good, you won’t find him straight away.

The post was later shared on Facebook, which left even more people baffled – but, thankfully, there was a hint included in the original post for people who couldn’t see him.

Some eagle-eyed users boasted that they had found the moggy in ‘seconds’, with Sofia Pispitsos saying it took her five to six, while Michael Dennis Murphy needed just four.

Deborah Padgett commented: ‘Found him! Can’t hide from me you cute thing.’

Have you given up? I’ll tell! He’s on top of the Frigidaire, behind a bottle of whiskey. You can barely see his little ear 🙂

Good job hiding, Pedro!

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