China: Man ‘MARRIES’ Sex Robot

China: Man ‘MARRIES’ Sex Robot

Just when you think that everything in America is falling apart, something happens in the rest of the world that makes you think, “Wow, things aren’t all that bad here.”

Yes, the entire world is a dumpster fire economically, socially, morally and politically, but you have to admit that there are some lines that simply shouldn’t be crossed.

Like marrying your personal pleasure assistant because your parents won’t get off your back about getting married and you were dedicated to disappointing your entire family in one move, so you just went with the first thing that came to mind but suddenly your blow up doll won’t sign a pre-nup or agree to pre-marital counseling and all you want is some peace and quiet without that electronic harpy breathing down your neck to put your socks in the hamper and GOOD LORD IT’S JUST LIKE REAL MARRIAGE!

Zheng Jiajia is a 32 year-old Chinese engineer who married his… friend, after his parents began pressuring him to settle down. Now, after taking his parents’ advice a little too literally, he’s using his education to accommodate bachelors and their… special requests.

I’m impressed and yet deeply disturbed at the same time.

I mean, on one hand it makes sense because there is an extremely large discrepancy in the number of males and females in the country, making it difficult for men to meet women and form families. Despite this fact, they still have a biological desire for companionship and if they can’t find it in a woman, what better substitute than something that never has a headache, never nags and responds to your voice and hugs?

Oh, and their skin feels life-like and actually warms up.

If it makes you feel any better, the marriage isn’t actually considered legal in China, though the ceremony had all the fixings of the usual Chinese wedding. He also refers to the doll as his “wife” and his “bride.

When he appeared on a show to discuss his unorthodox relationship, a viewer asked what he was missing from Ying Ying (the doll,) to which he replied “a beating heart.”

It should be noted that he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life with this robot, though he does admit that the “marriage” has brought him a lot of notoriety and perhaps upped his chances of meeting a woman.

This is the kind of stuff that happens when you take preference of male children over females, and then those young boys turn into adults and realize there is nobody around for them to marry or mate with.

Way to go, China. You totally built that.

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