Courageous 11 Year-Old Boy From Alaska Saves His Family From Charging Bear With A Shotgun [VIDEO]

Courageous 11 Year-Old Boy From Alaska Saves His Family From Charging Bear With A Shotgun [VIDEO]

Eleven year-old Elliot Clark is being hailed as a quick thinking hero for saving his family from a deadly brown bear attack as they were on a hunting trip in Alaska. Because he was able to get a shot off in time, no one lost his life that day. Elliot’s father, Lucas Clark, described the scene.

“There was four of them in a line … my son was third. The bear came down the trail at them, fella in the front, who was his uncle, the bear was on him so quickly that he didn’t have time to take his rifle off his shoulder.”

Elliot, whose dad hadn’t gotten around to making a sling for his rifle yet, had his firearm in his hands and was able to react quickly to the charging bear. The boy’s uncle who was in front, apparently had his rifle slung on his shoulder and had no time to get it in place before being set upon by the bear. But Elliot, two people behind him, shot at the bear.

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Lucas Clark said, “His first shot was a light load of birdshot. That first shot hit him in the shoulder and did absolutely nothing. The next shot hit him in the nose and traveled down through the neck.”

The Juneau Empire explained, “The bear was so close when Elliot hit it with his third shot, there were powder burns on the bear’s mouth.” This was apparently noted in a report from the Alaska State Troopers and Lucas Clark.

Elliot’s dad narrated the dramatic conclusion to this scary incident by saying, “As the bear slid past him and came to a stop, [Elliot] put a kill shot in him.”

This will be a hunting trip to remember for Elliot and his family. Several folks are alive thanks to his courage and fast action. He’s a son anyone would be proud to have. Great job, Elliot!

See video below.

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