Customer’s MOCKED This McDonald’s Worker – But He Gets Last Word, Makes Them FAMOUS!

Customer’s MOCKED This McDonald’s Worker – But He Gets Last Word, Makes Them FAMOUS!

This guy is amazing! He works nearly 50 hours a week at McDonald’s to save up money for college. That’s the way it should be. But certain idiots make fun of him, claiming he has no aspirations and that he is a loser. He wrote a Facebook post that just blew that away. It went viral and is just epic. As someone who worked two jobs to put herself through college and paid for all of it herself, I can relate. The losers here are those who have no commitment, no plan and look down on others. This young man will become something great because he is willing to work for it and do without. ‘Hard work’ has become a dirty phrase in our culture anymore, when it should be admired. This guy’s work ethic is admirable and his attitude is one of a winner.


From Little Things:

If there’s one lesson that’s been ingrained in our heads, it’s the idea that if you work long enough at something, and hard enough, eventually you’ll be able to raise yourself up and make an amazing life of your own. Sure, it might take a little bit of luck, and sometimes things don’t go exactly as we planned, but if you have the work ethic, you’ll always be able to “make it” somehow.

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But these days, it seems as if our society has classified a few jobs as “worthless.” For some reason, there are specific jobs that are looked down upon, even if the people working them arehard workers and good people — there are a few jobs that many people deem as less meaningful to the world.

Jobs like being a garbageman, even though without them our streets would fill up with filth. Custodians who keep our schools and hospitals safe and clean, and fast-food employees who deserve to hear “thank you” when they hand us our food when we’re hungry.

Mike Waite, a man from Edinburgh, is a proud employee of his local McDonald’s, and after a particularly rough night of being mocked by patrons, he decided he had to get something off of his chest. He wrote up a quick letter on his Facebook about what it means to work at the popular food chain, and in less than a week it went completely viral!


We take those who work in service positions for granted. Some people look down on them and they never stop to think there is a story for each and every one of them. I give outrageous tips when I eat out, because when I was young and working my way up, I worked as a waitress. I know how hard they work and how tough the job is. This job doesn’t define Mike… he is the author of his own destiny and this is but one vehicle to accomplish his goals. We are at our most fulfilling point in life when we are working towards something and solving problems. We are at our lowest when we have nothing better to do, but disparage others. Mike’s motto seems to be “Don’t Wish for It, Work for It!” He realizes that nothing in life is free and in order to make it through life, he’s going to have to work hard. I wish Mike all the best and I know he will go on to do great things. That’s just who he is.





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