‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Shocks Fans With Tragic Announcement

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Shocks Fans With Tragic Announcement

Korie Robertson is a mom of 5 and one of the Duck Dynasty stars- and when she had a secret surgery, she expected to have a bit of help from her kids. No such luck, as the kids wasted no time at all tearing the place up while she was recovering:

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She is the houseproud matriarch who shot to fame as a star of Duck Dynasty.

But Korie Robertson has revealed she was left in tears due to the fact she was powerless to stop her family ‘destroying’ her home as she recovered from secret major surgery earlier this year.

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The mother-of-five was forced to take thing easy for a couple of months after having a hysterectomy last December, a procedure where a woman’s uterus is removed.

According to Radar she makes the revelation in her new advice book Strong and Kind, where she said: ‘I never dreamed it would be two weeks of getting out of my bed only to move to the recliner.’

Indeed her physician left the 42-year-old in shock when he said she would only be 85 per cent recovered after a month and a half.

And it soon became clear she would be paying with more than just her health after her brood Rebecca, 27, John Luke, 20, Sadie, 18, and 13-year-olds Will and Bella did not help around the house, which got into such a state she was reduced to tears.

Korie said: ‘The house was destroyed. My house looked like a frat house after a party.’

But even in her weakened state she was soon able to put her foot down, no doubt with the aid of her Duck Commander CEO husband Willie, and her brood apologised and cleaned up the house.

Korie said: ‘We are now able to laugh about the whole incident, which I love. It’s okay for your kids to see you vulnerable.

But the hard-working mother did not even let her recovery get in the way of promoting the family’s hit A&E show, of which she is one of the main stars.

She said: ‘There were moments of bravery during this awful time. I had to do a couple of interviews for the television show, and I had to make one appearance. I managed to fake feeling good.’

I have to say, I would be totally peeved if my kids had done this – oh, wait, they have. Anytime I go on vacation or work away from home longer than 3 days, I know I am headed back to a tornado. Now, I threaten life and limb before my return and come back to a sparkling haven of pine-sol smelling house. No apology is better than a clean house – sorry, kids.

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