Eight-Year-Old Survivor of Abuse Left Unable to Use Her Legs Writes Heartbreaking Letter to Thank the Social Workers Who Investigated Her Case

Eight-Year-Old Survivor of Abuse Left Unable to Use Her Legs Writes Heartbreaking Letter to Thank the Social Workers Who Investigated Her Case

A survivor of abuse, only 8 years old, was beaten so severely as an infant that she is permanently disabled, has written a touching letter to those that stepped in and saved her from certain death by investigating her case and placing her with a REAL family where she is loved and cared for, as every child should be.


Marie Surprenant, from Atlanta, Georgia, was eight-months-old and weighed only 14lbs when she was admitted to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta with more than 14 fractures, numerous bruises and a spinal cord injury that left her paraplegic. After her biological mother and her boyfriend were arrested, Marie was placed into foster care and later adopted by Michele Surprenant.

‘I want to thank you for making me happy by giving me a new warm and safe environment,’ Marie began her handwritten letter, which was published on Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s blog. ‘Now I have a home that is nice and I have three nice meals a day.

Marie, who was recently accepted into one of the city’s top private schools for the fourth grade, went on to introduce herself and tell her story.

‘When I was a baby I got hurt and you were on my case,’ she wrote. ‘When I was little I got hurt and I wasn’t going to walk at all.’

Marie wrote a detailed account of how her biological mother’s boyfriend lied in the emergency room about how she got her injuries, claiming that she fell out of bed. She noted that because her social workers ‘got involved and solved’ her case the ‘bad guy’ is no longer hurting her – or anyone else.

‘I think that if you never helped me my life would still be awful and lonely. Because they might not help me, not feed me or they would hit me when I cried’ she said. ‘But now I’m much better. I now have a safe happy environment. I am also around smart people. [sic]’

Marie said her life ‘is so much better’, although she noted that her dog Jo’s snoring drives her crazy. She continued by giving detailed descriptions of her cats Gypsy and Mr. Fluffy. Marie, who said she ‘loves pets’, also talked about her class’ bearded dragon Mr. Cuddles.

She ended her candid letter by writing: ‘I wish that you keep doing what you do to make the world a better place and to make kids feel protected. I also wish that no matter how big or small the case is you will at least try and help the kids.’

The heartbreaking story of her pain is in the past, but she hasn’t forgotten, even at the tender age of 8, and amazingly, Marie’s letter, has found its way to one of the people who helped change her life. What a little trooper. You’re an amazing little girl, and your forever home is full of enough love for a lifetime.

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