Father Commits Suicide on Facebook Live Over Daughter’s Wedding [VIDEO]

Father Commits Suicide on Facebook Live Over Daughter’s Wedding [VIDEO]

Angry and upset that his daughter announced an engagement without seeking his permission first, a father in Turkey has taken his own life and streamed it all on Facebook Live.

Streaming from Kayseri in central Turkey (map below), Ayhan Uzun, the 54 year-old father of the unnamed bride, started streaming to Facebook Live to denounce his family’s decision to cut him out of the marriage process.

After receiving a call from his wife (it is unknown at this time whether the two were separated), Uzun started his stream, speaking directly into the camera in what appeared to be his empty residence. As he explained what happened, his viewers, including friends and relatives in the comment section, begged him to stop and reconsider.

“I am livestreaming tonight, and it is my will, I do not want the ones who put me in this position to attend me funeral.”

Uzun said that his wife had just called him up to invite him to celebrate with his daughter and his daughter’s fiance, but he was too upset to join because nobody had stood up for his interests. His future son-in-law had not sought his permission to ask her to marry and nobody had defended Uzun’s right to give a yes or a no to the arrangement.

“Nobody asked me. Nobody treated me like a man. My father-in-law took my place and without having a right, he approved my daughter’s wedding.”

He said that nobody had pointed out that her father was alive and ought to be consulted instead and now they are calling him on the phone asking him to join their celebration.

At the end of the video, he puts a gun to his head and commits suicide.

While the full length video is available online, we will not be republishing it here. The video (scroll down to view) that we have here only shows up to the few seconds before Uzun pulls the trigger.

Before committing suicide, he told his viewers that this will be called “a show,” but he still said that he did not want anyone else to experience pain. His threat to “put an end to my life with the gun I am holding in my hands” turned out to be fatally true and later, when his family went to his residence to check on him, they found his dead body which was then taken for an autopsy.

A new statement by Facebook has added to the story, as they say they have been “deeply saddened” by the video.

“We don’t allow the promotion of self-injury of suicide on Facebook.”


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